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Join Mums Business Directory Affiliate Programme and Earn

Ever wondered what affiliate marketing is and whether you should be doing it?

How can it help you create multiple streams of income to your business?

Our affiliate scheme is a great additional income builder if:

  • you want an easy way to build your income
  • receive 20% commission on affiliate sales see Affiliate Terms & Conditions
  • you tweet, blog, use facebook and other social networks with other business owners
  • you’re happy to add text links and banners to your website, blog and email signature
  • you can add it to your newsletters, mail outs and social network broadcasts

How to sign up:

When you have signed up you will get an email so you can login to your ‘affiliate programme’ where you will find your affiliate link for the Mums Business Directory Affiliate Programme.

Once inside you will find an easy menu system allowing  you to :

  • EDIT PROFILE – edit your profile
  • REFERRALS – check your data
  • SALES – select within a date range
  • PAYMENT HISTORY – view your stats and payouts
  • ADS – access  your banners/links and creatives*
  • CONTACT – send us a message about your Affiliate Programme
  • LOGOUT – logout of the Affiliate Programme

*Creatives are useful worded documents for newsletters or emails with  your own affiliate id link embedded within them. All you have to do is copy and paste them into your own media and our programme will track the results.


Like to read the small print have a look at our Affiliate Terms and Conditions.

And before you go Sign up to our Affiliate News and we will keep you updated.

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