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Alesha K Natural Skincare Products

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Naturally Perfected Skin Care
without any harmful
Parabens & Sulphates.
Made in UK.
About Alesha K Limited
Alesha K Limited has been created to produce natural quality skin care products to everyone without adding harsh chemicals and ingredients such as Paraben & Sodium Laureth Sulphates.
All of Alesha K products are sourced and Professionally manufactured in the UK. All products are freshly made. We want to ensure our customer receives the freshest made products just for them so they can maximize the benefits of the natural ingredients and essential oils. We are continually working with the manufacturers and suppliers to research new ingredients and add them to our products.
Bespoke products available too for people who would like a tailor made products just for them. We have worked hard to have products suitable for most skin types.
If our stock shows none in stock please email us that you are interested and we will order the products in stock for you.
About Sana Akhtar
As a Beauty & Holistic Therapist I have always been interested in cosmetology and studied this in my Degree. With extensive knowledge of essential oils and natural ingredients and after researching & studying Aloe Vera for my dissertation in 2001, I had just fallen in love with this ‘miracle plant’ (back in 2001 not many cosmetic products contained this amazing ingredient and was generally found in health food stores) I always dreamed of having a skincare range full of amazing ingredients for everyone to use.
After working in international Cosmetic & Beauty companies (internationally renowned skin care company (Clinique) and CACI International which is famous internationally as well as in Hollywood for its non surgical face & body lift) this gave me more of an insight of the beauty industry which further pushed me to have a natural skincare range at some point in the future.
How Alesha K was created
While taking a career break to have my children, my second child had Baby Eczema. As every mother in this situation I just wanted to protect and soothe my daughter from any pain and discomfort. But at the same time I felt extremely uncomfortable apply steroid cream or Aqueous Creams as I just wanted natural products for her.
After making balm’s and creams for my little one at home, I thought there must be many more people, parents suffering in the same way and was approached to make natural balms. It was shortly after I realised that people where not finding the products that they wanted and the this was my time to create a new range of products that I had only once dreamed of.
After going through every dictionary to give an appropriate name, my amazing husband said why not call it Alesha. And this is where the name Alesha K came from, it is named after my daughter.
So there you have it, Alesha K was formed!!
In dedication to my loving family!!


Sana Akhtar

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