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Three Ways to Grow Your Confidence @GraceMarshall

What is confidence? Is it something that you either have or lack? Or is it something that grows in all of us? My opinion is the latter. The good news is, you don’t have to be super confident to start, and here are three simple ways to boost that growth cycle.


Mums in Business: Can You Really Have and Do It All?

Traditional time management says to focus on one thing at a time. Sounds sensible, but often life just doesn’t happen that way. Whether out of necessity or choice, more and more of us are juggling multiple commitments, whether that’s business and family, employment and voluntary work, community or personal projects. As a mum in business, is it really possible to have it all? Or are we just being delusional, trying to do it all?


Flexibility of the Fall @GillianFlegg

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Changing Careers – How To Get Started

Changing careers can seem like having a mountain to climb. So much to think about. So many questions. Where do you start? In fact, the whole thing can seem so big that many people just don’t get going – and that is such a shame. It means anot..
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