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What to avoid when choosing a home business opportunity @HelenLindop

It’s no surprise that there are scammers looking to take your money in return for business opportunities that don’t exist. And of course, you should run a mile from those.

25+ Entrepreneur Experts 350+ Years of Wisdom Their Must-Know Advice: Priceless @TerriZSoloCEO

Want to shortcut your learning curve for success as a solo entrepreneur? Want visibility, credibility, more prospects, more clients, more income, more freedom? The best way to get there is to learn from those who have already done it. And that’s why we’ve created this ecourse.


The Essential Twitter Guide For Mumpreneurs By Suzannah Butcher @WorkforMums

The Essential Twitter Guide For Mumpreneurs By Suzannah Butcher of Work for Mums  by Jackie Elton @SocialMediaLinc I started to use Twitter to promote my business in March 2011 I learnt very slowly, asking questions of other Mumpreneurs as I wen..

Last day to sign up….A course to help you write and publish a book @AceInspire

What’s your business ambition right now? Do you want to raise your business profile? Do you want to attract more customers? Put your prices up? Or make more profit? Or like 81% of people, have you simply always wanted to write a book?


Don’t miss out sign up for tonights FREE @MariSmith webinar on Facebook #FB2012 @MumsBusinessDir

If you are interested in learning more about how you can promote your business on Facebook then I would strongly urge you to sign up for the Mari Smith FREE FB 2012 Webinar which takes place tonight 31st January 2012 at 7pm GMT.


Online Business Inspiration @AceInspire

My business changed my life! Can you say that about your business too?

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