Five reasons why writing a Kindle book is great for your business @HelenLindop

Five reasons why writing a Kindle book is great for your business @HelenLindop

Have you ever wanted to write a book and get it published? Well, now is the perfect time to do it! And it’s a lot easier than you think.

Here are five great reasons why you should go ahead and become a Kindle author.

1. People are impressed by authors and it’s great for PR. Nothing says ‘expert’ like having written a book. But until now, getting a book published has meant either pitching to publishers until you find one who wants to publish you, or the hard slog (and financial risk) of self-publishing. With Kindle, you can quickly and easily publish your book for free.

2. It’s a way of getting your place on the shelves of the world’s biggest online store (Amazon) for free. And with Amazon’s ability to recommend products to customers (“customers who bought this book also bought…”) that could give you some useful exposure.

3. The Kindle e-reader is hot at the moment. Amazon knows that it needs to compete with Apple (iPods, iPad, iTunes) and Amazon’s big advantage is the content it already has (books, mp3 downloads, Love Film, e-books, audio books). But it needed to come up with an inexpensive device so that vast numbers of people could access this content. That device is, of course, the Kindle, and Amazon is pushing the Kindle very hard at the moment. The more Kindles that are out there, the more people will be looking for content, so now is the perfect time to get what you know into a Kindle book.

4. People love the Kindle. It’s not just the convenience of fitting your whole library into the palm of your hand, it’s fact that the Kindle screen is the most comfortable to read of any device out there. Then there’s the instant access to any book in the Kindle store and not having to take a pile of paperbacks to the charity shop when you;ve read them and the growing number of books that are only available in Kindle format. I love the way I can finally sit back and read my collection of PDF e-books in comfort, too.

5. You can easily get 70% royalties. Compare that to the 7% or 10% that you get from traditional publishers and you can see why authors are flocking to the Kindle.

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