Internet Marketing And The Social Networks

People who are working in e-commerce know that marketing can be a very expensive undertaking. In order to make sales you have to market your products/services to those who need them. Social networks give you a powerful way of marketing and supplementing your current strategies. Here are three reasons to integrate the social networks into our marketing plans:

Marketing networks attract loads of people. They say that the top ten Social websites get about 50% of all active Internet users. That is huge.

One great example of a powerful social network would be MySpace. Sites like this give access to thousands of interests. For website owners this means that their content can be produced and used on their own websites while marketing on social sites. This gives you three huge benefits if you run an online business:

1 – You have a HUGE market to sell to – MySpace managed to acquire a huge user-base of a number that is equivalent to the entire population of Buffalo. Think about that. This means millions of users all across the world participating and waiting for you to market to them.

Using the social networks is a wise strategy. Millions of people are attracted to these sites. All you need to do is have some enticing advertising and make friends and have fun all at the same time. Other forms of advertising can really drain your bank account, but social networking sites are virtually free.

The are gateways for thousands of e-commerce businessmen and can give you a place to get your products seen.

2-  An Enormous Potential To Boost Your Traffic & Sales – Although many webmasters still hold on to the belief that social networking sites are a fad, even more businessmen have decided otherwise and are cashing in. Online entrepreneurs are flocking to them like birds to worms, and good affiliate marketers are not going to pass them up either. There is just too much good marketing potential to ignore.

3 – This is ‘Targeted’ marketing – The social networks are made up of several sub-networks that you can gain access to. They have pre-filtered members and many users so business owners can pick and choose the right groups to target their advertising toward.

It truly is amazing how deep these social networks can actually go. It is fertile ground for planting marketing seeds and watching them grow. All you have to do is browse around the groups to find those you believe would be interested in what you are offering.

Steve Cheng is a web publisher who has worked in the field for over five years. He published a variety articles on the Internet relating to topics like Internet marketing, how to make money online and freelancing.

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