Make 2013 A Great Year

Make 2013 A Great Year


Did last year drift by aimlessly?

Do you know deep down that there could be so much more to life?

Is your life full of ‘what might have beens’ and ‘if only’s’?

Do you want to feel more satisfied and happier with your life?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, then come along to this Great Year workshop and start taking steps to help you get the life you want in 2013.


Whether you have personal, professional goals, or both: – the Great Year workshop can help you successfully achieve them.


You’ll work with others in a friendly group to;


  • Determine what really matters to you and design goals around those things
  • Consider potential obstacles and develop strategies to overcome the challenges
  • Learn techniques to help you stay on track throughout the year
  • Gain inspiration, motivation and support to help you succeed
  • Create your action plan for 2013


and have a lot of fun along the way……


Our qualified facilitators Michelle Tranter and Susan Brookes-Morris have extensive knowledge and experience of working with a wide variety of personal development tools to help individuals transform their lives. They have a real passion for helping people harness their full potential and achieve maximum life satisfaction. For further information see

Events nationwide. Early bird discounts available. Includes Luxury and Learning Event at Hoar Cross Hall Spa Resort.

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