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Today I was approached by a wellness company distributor with a business proposition. We had a chat: – Tell me something exiting about your products, I asked her. Tell me WHY I would want to suggest your products for my clients and for the public? – They are good quality products, may help you to boost the immune system, she replied…. “Boring” – I thought… – I know many products which can “boost” the immune system, why should I choose your product?- I carried on. My dear opponent went silent…She did not know the answer. – Well, – I said, – take my details, go to my facebook page and read what I will publish today about the product I work with. – Why?-she asked. – Because in my arsenal I have a blend of essential oils, which can KILL A VIRUS (SWINE FLU virus to be precise). Dear Amanda, here is the story…Why don’t you join my company? I will also teach you about HOW, WHEN and WHY to use our products.

Our body is very well designed to protect itself, yet sometimes we got sick. This is not bad at all –we need to train our immune system…unless it is not a deadly virus, of course.
Do you remember the worrying times of the swine flu or the avian flu outbreaks? Every single day I had tense worries about my children and grandchildren. I am sure many of you have had nerve-racking times too.
Today’s thoughts are about a protection, given to us by the NATURE and forgotten by us, their’ children.
What if we had an effective, universal, cheap, non-invasive and pleasantly smelling “flu shot”, which can give a protection not only from the ALL flu viruses’ strains, but from bacteria…parasites…fungi…?
Dear mums and dads, grandmothers and granddads, aunties and uncles!
The mother NATURE has it all. Look at the picture on the top: all the oils mentioned have natural antibacterial, anti-parasitic, antifungal and anti-viral properties. They have been wisely combines into a pleasant blend, called “On Guard®”.
This is one of my favourite blends WHY? BECAUSE IT WAS CLINICALLY PROVEN TO KILL SWINE FLU VIRUS!  Follow this link to see a study, published in PUBMED: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21078173
It is not a common practice to mention a commercial name of the natural product in the published study. Yet it was mentioned. BECAUSE IT WORTH IT!
Only Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils® can provide the benefits shown in trial (the control essential oils of other manufacture have been checked against On Guard)
On Guard can be applied on to children’s (adult’s) feet, diffused, and worn as a perfume for protection; gargled for sore throats and bleeding gums.
There are a family of products by dōTERRA, where the protective blend On Guard® added into:  Hand Wash *  Whitening Toothpaste * Laundry Detergent  *Cleaner Concentrate * Protecting Beadlets  Protecting Throat Drops

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