The working mum’s guide to relaxation @BedstarUk

In today’s modern world, the 2014 mummy has a lot more on her plate than days of yore, struggling to juggle raising a family and keeping down a job to pay the bills. With so much on your plate, you can be forgiven for wanting to relax a little from time to time. Here are a few ways in which you can put your feet up without having to worry.

Revamp your furniture

If your three piece suite is looking as tired as you are after a 50-hour week, you may want to consider giving your home a makeover to guarantee pure relaxation. Take a look at your home room by room: what could do with a change? Try investing in a leather sofa, which is more likely to last and keep its super softness much longer than a traditional fabric sofa, which can soon lose its comfort value.

Next, try upstairs: is your bed doing you any good? Many common back complaints come as a result of poor quality or past their best mattresses, and this can’t always be solved be simply flipping it over. If you find yourself having trouble relaxing on your current mattress, you may want to consider orthopaedic mattresses to give your back additional support. Bedstar’s range of latex or memory foam mattresses use temperature controlled technology to mould to your body’s natural shape, guaranteeing a better night’s sleep and aiding relaxation.

Keep your little ones happy

Another way to guarantee that you are relaxed is to make sure your children are relaxed too. If you’ve got a really little one, make sure your baby’s sleeping area is free of distractions such as televisions and extraneous noise, and ensure their cot is well insulated.

For older children, check your child’s mattress is comfortable and consider adding mattress toppers to help them get to sleep easier. By making sure your children are tucked up in bed comfortably, you can rest assured that you’ll have a peaceful evening too.

Turn on the bubbles

No, we’re not talking about champagne – if you haven’t got the money to go refurnishing your whole house, there are few comforts greater than running a bubble bath. Try adding a few bath salts to cleanse your body and help your muscles relax, and if you really want to lie back and get away from it all, try lighting some candles or putting on a little mood music. Ask your partner to keep an eye on the kids and submerge yourself in relaxation heaven!



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