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What is Affiliate Marketing

If you have ever thought about writing a blog, or have gone so far as to actually start one then you have the ideal platform to make money online via affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is the process whereby you put links on your site from reputable businesses and then receive a payment every time one of your readers clicks the link on your site and goes through to the business and carries out a certain action.

This action is usually the purchase of a product, at which point you will receive a percentage of everything your customer purchases via your link. And the sale doesn’t have to be immediate, due to the cookies used in this process, some merchants give customers up to 90 days to place an order and still credit the link back to you.

But how do you get the links on your site I hear you cry. Well there are affiliate marketing companies dedicated to providing you with the links that you need to put on your site. Register with reputable sites such as Affiliate Window, Webgains and Trade Doubler and you will receive all the coding and creative you need to put on your site and start earning. And these companies not only manage the creative side for you but can also provide you with product feeds and product information which can be placed on your site and generate an income.

Take a look at my maternity clothes comparison site www.simplymaternity.co.uk which is a site dedicated to providing a complete collection of maternity wear using affiliate links. This site contains product feeds and adverts all from affiliate marketing companies which are then integrated into a site which adds value with advice, offers and discount vouchers to improve the customer experience when buying maternity wear online. This has taken me years to learn the coding but a few simple adverts on your blog or website could start you earning today.

So how do you get started? The first thing to do is create a good quality website or blog. When you are confident that you have a product that businesses would like to advertise on, contact one or several of the affiliate marketing companies mentioned above and submit your site to them. Once they have approved your site, you can then request links from a range of merchants and businesses to put directly onto your page. It’s easier than you think and can start you earning from your blog today. So have a go and make your site work for you.

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