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Enabling confident parenting and helping to create a harmonious home

Blissful Bambino

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Blissful Bambino is an advisory service for parents, created by parents. We know that being a parent can be challenging at times and that we all need a little support along the way. Our service is holistic, we consider every aspect of the family unit and environment in order to create tailored packages and get the results that parents so desperately want.
Our aim is to share our knowledge and skills, as midwife and childcare professionals, in order to prepare couples for parenthood, aid the transition of a new baby into a family unit and help empower parents to deal with common challenges that can arise with their children, such as sleep and behaviour issues. We strongly believe that with support and guidance families can be harmonious. We want to give parents these skills and enable them to enjoy their family life to the full.


Faye Jones and Sophie Potter

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