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Body by Vi is the #1 Weight Loss and Fitness Challenge in North America…and now they are expanding to the WORLD!!! It helps people change their lives and get healthier, while also helping them to save money. This company understands the economy and not only allows people to get their products free, but rewards 10 people every week with $1,000! They also have a money back guarantee and give away over $43 million in prizes!!!

This is a product everyone can use from kids to diabetics to athletes to people wanting to lose weight or gain muscle. The shakes are recommended by Doctors and covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance. This makes it easy for people to join and stick with it!!

This company has skyrocketed to the top in only a few short years and has become a BILLION dollar company while just in North America. They are going global this month so it’s the perfect time to join! Sales with ViSalus were up by 171% in 2012 because they care about customers and promoters.

As a promoter you can make income in MANY different ways! You can focus on Network Marketing and build a team, or you can focus on helping people and telling them about the Challenge. No matter what your strengths are, this company can help you succeed and has created over 600-700 new 6 figure earners in the past 6 months!! They also give bonuses for helping your team and customers and they focus on team work as a means for success.


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