Career coach / CV & Interview Coaching – Affordable

Career coach / CV & Interview Coaching - Affordable

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Affordable career coaching from a qualified coach with 15 years experience in both coaching and recruitment and selection.

With the world of work becoming so tough people need to maximise their recruitment potential in all areas of the recruitment and selection process.  A career coach will help you look at every aspect that you need help on in order to give you the best chance to not only get that interview but also give a great interview.
Career Coaching can help you:
•  ‘Take stock’ of your current role
•  Identify your core career values that will make you happy in a job
•  Discover realistic options for you personally
•  Explore the obstacles and look at ways to overcome them
•  Motivate and support you through the recruitment process
•  Set yourself realistic actions to move your career forward
•  Prioritise ongoing goals & strategies to assist you in further career development
•  Help you write the right CV for the job
•  Explore your answers to those difficult interview questions
People typically have Career Coaching because they are:
•  Returning to work
•  Unhappy in their current career/role
•  Unemployed or redundant
•  Re-training and looking to change career
•  Thinking about becoming self employed
•  Trying to work out what they want from a career
For Career Coaching from £40 a session either by phone or face to face in Kent just reply to this Ad or visit the website for more information and to contact us.



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