• Sense & Sensuality

    Sense & Sensuality

    Pop in for your maternity fittings and bra advice during and after pregnancy

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    A New Boutique with a unique fitting concept; offering a bespoke fitting service for both Lingerie and Jeans, established in September 2011.
  • Designer Maternity Jeans by Mama Jeanius

    Designer Maternity Jeans by Mama Jeanius

    Maternity jeans designed by a mum for mum's to be! Jeans that last the whole pregnancy, are comfortable and have a designer look. 3 styles to suit all tastes.

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    Mama Jeanius was born of founder Katie Powell's frustration when searching for jeans during her own pregnancy. Realising there simply wasn't anything out there she wanted to wear herself, Katie decided to do something about it. Katie set-up Mama Jeanius - the only maternity jeans specialist. With British jeans expert Tim Browne onboard, they set about making jeans uniquely designed to adapt for the whole pregnancy and the post partum months. Jeans that grow with you, not just on the waist but also on the thigh and bottom as your body changes. The jeans are designed to be flattering and comfortable throughout the three trimesters and beyond.
  • BoobBaby


    Breastfeeding Supplies and Information

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    BoobBaby is a family run business that provides everything a breastfeeding mum may need. The website also includes a Breastfeeding Zone, where there is loads of information for both breastfeeding mums and mums to be who are hoping to breastfeed
  • Bags of Essentials

    Bags of Essentials

    Pre packed hospital bags

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    Pre-packed maternity bags containing essentials for Mum & Baby during your hospital stay. A great treat for yourself or a gift for your partner, friend or work colleague!
  • More 4 Mums for Pregnant & Breastfeeding Mums

    More 4 Mums for Pregnant & Breastfeeding Mums

    Affordable Maternity and Breastfeeding Bras, Tops and Accessire

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    More 4 Mums is a fabulous online store offering a wide range of Affordable products for Pregnant and Breastfeeding Mums
  • Daisy Birthing antenatal classes

    Daisy Birthing antenatal classes

    Weekly antenatal classes incorporating - Yoga inspired movement for mum to be - Massage techniques - Relaxation & Self Hypnosis - Active Birth Education - Birth Breathing - Pregnancy empathy & support

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    Daisy Birthing has a unique take on birth preparation. We have taken the bits we love best from a range of more conventional techniques such as Pregnancy Yoga, Traditional Active Birthing, Birth Breathing Education, Birth Hypnosis and Birth Education and combined these into a 1hr 30minute all-embracing class which allows mums to learn as they move. Classes are suitable for all ladies from 14 to 42 weeks of pregnancy whatever your birth plan, and because the classes aren’t just about birth preperation but are also aimed at helping you have a positive and comfortable pregnancy they are as suitable for ladies having a planned caeserean as they are those planning a home water birth. The daisy birthing method avoids ‘moving for movements sake’ every move we make in class has an anatomical benefit either during pregnancy or birth, we focus on the hidden birthing muscles the psoas and the piriformis to create stability and balance which has a really positive effect of babys positioning. By delivering key birthing facts, alongside a range of gentle and carefully movements, physical metaphor exercises and relaxation/affirmation scripts (all set to our own beautiful labour music) we build muscle memory and help mums-to-be find intuitive techniques to help them enjoy a more comfortable birth experience. Key benefits of Daisy Birthing weekly classes are; We’re approved by FEDANT reassuring you of our safety and professionalism . We’re accessible for all mums, so not just the super bendy ones . We’re safe for mums with pelvic girdle pain – and can help overcome fear of ‘opening’ . We provide a community of like minded mums all wanting to talk about the positives of birth . We provide a highly cost effective way to experience a birth hypnosis based programme (others can cost £150 plus) . We help you understand, interpret and release birth anxiety . We allow you to practise by using virtual contraction techniques . We’re affordable with this combined education costing just £9 per week.
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