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I’m Elizabeth, and my business, Chiggs Ltd, based in Harrogate, sells my own inventions- the Baby Feed Wheel, Baby Medicine Wheel and the Get Well Wheel. These are parenting products, greeting cards and gifts with rotating numbered dials to help a keep track of baby ‘s feed times and everyone ‘s medicine times!

The Baby Feed Wheel is a helpful parenting product that is also a beautiful and useful ‘New Baby’ congratulations greeting card or gift, featuring a rotating numbered dial that parents can set to keep track of baby’s feed times. Available in blue, pink and lemon, each Baby Feed Wheel is printed and hand finished in the UK, has “To…” and  “From…” printed on the reverse, and is supplied with its own envelope in a clear cellophane wrapper, with insert.

The Baby Medicine Wheel is a helpful gadget for parents, designed to keep track of baby’s medicine times. Parents set the rotating numbered dial to record the time when baby is given medicine, and they will know when the next dose is due. Each Baby Medicine Wheel is printed and hand finished in the UK, and is sealed with an envelope in a clear cellophane wrapper with a “left blank for your own message” insert.

The Get Well Wheel is both a Get Well Soon Card and a medicine reminder for older children and adults. As a get well soon card it is a delightful greetings card that is also a useful gift. 

All our products are printed and hand finished in the UK, and are available for Chiggs and our stockists throughout the UK, abroad and online. Please contact me for details of our trade price and wholesale information.



Elizabeth Geldart

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