Children Yoga at Bikram Southside

Children's Yoga Sessions at Bikram Southside - Sat 9th April- Growing Strong Growing Calm

Children Yoga at Bikram Southside

Full Description

Yoga is an ancient science that helps to create health and well-being by building self-awareness, strength and flexibility. Yoga is for everyone, all ages, body types and levels of fitness. The benefits include; stress relief and improved concentration; increased circulation and digestion; better alignment and posture; increased balance, coordination and body awareness. Yoga practice assists neuromuscular-development and most importantly it creates a deep sense of wellbeing and inner peace, building empathy and self confidence.

With children’s yoga we interweave stories, music, songs, games and poses to create an uplifting and engaging experience. Bringing stories to life through specially developed moves inspired by yoga, we have a big emphasis on fun. Combining that with exercise, children go on wild adventures, where they may roar like a lion, fly like a bird or blast into outer space, letting their imagination be their guide. Family yoga is also a great way for parents and children to bond and work together.
Fee: £7 per class, £36 for 6 week pass
Times: Ages 5-8 from 11am-12pm
Ages 9-11 from 12pm-1pm


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