Dance with A Difference

Dance with A Difference

Full Description

Dance with A Difference
Is an exciting national award winning new concept voted:
“Best new activity for children”
‘Dance with A Difference makes learning so much fun,
It’s so easy – you will be amazed at the results!’

An exciting opportunity to run your own business – offering music, movement, rhythm and mime classes for preschool and primary aged children, mainstream and special needs, ages 3 years to 7 years.
(Older special needs children have benefitted tremendously from Dance with A Difference.)
Dance with A Difference conforms to and compliments
ALL of the OFSTED and The Early Years Foundation Stage
and Key Stage 1 requirements.

For many years, Dance with A Difference™ has studied the requirements of children’s development in early year settings, and Special needs requirements, and has evolved over a period of 12 years. During those years, Dance with A Difference™ has been in close consultation with nursery, pre-school, play school teachers and OFSTED inspectors, and designed programmes with original music which all conform and compliment the government and Early Years Foundation Stage and key stage 1 requirements, and is now ready to be made available to the general public to teach in Early Years Providers Settings under license.

The programmes have been devised in such a way that, whilst children are enjoying, through play, the Music, Movement, rhythm and Mime aspects of the programmes, they are, without realising it, learning the skills that re-enforce and compliment the EYFS requirements and Key stage 1.

These programmes are aimed at pre-school and primary school children, mainstream and special needs; and have been trialled at various Pre-School locations and Dance schools with very positive comments.
Also, you do NOT have to be a Dance Teacher!

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Linda Smith


  1. ‘This service is invaluable for mainstream children or children with special needs. It allows them to achieve success in a warm, friendly and rewarding environment. This class welcomes children with any ability to come along without making them feel in any way inadequate. From personal experience this is very difficult to come by. The service is second to none and I cannot praise it highly enough!’

    • This statement is from a parent who’s child is down syndrome. She has allowed me to pass it on to the comments page.

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