Data Centre Shop (Proxar Ltd)

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Data Centre Shop (Proxar Ltd)

Full Description

“Data Centre Shop is focused on data centre equipment with an emphasis on Cisco hardware including routers, catalyst switches, nexus switches and ASA firewalls, as well as storage and Dell and HP servers. Hence Data Centre Shop is owned by Proxar Group (Proxar Ltd trading as Proxar IT Consulting), our visitors can benefit from well-established supply chain of a leading IT Consulting and Network Management company.
The primary objective of setting up Data Centre Shop is help our existing clients as well as potential clients of Proxar IT Consulting in making the right choice during the procurement stage of the project. Moreover our margin on all the products is between 2% and 5%, depending on a product and type of payment. The margin has been applied for one purpose, to cover our admin costs.
A significant number of our clients are interested in various services. As a professional IT consulting company, we offer fully functional solutions to our clients, which are often a combination of equipment purchase and additional services. A common example consists of an initial consulting or network audit, hardware purchase and installation services. Often our clients already know what equipment they need to obtain, like Cisco NX-OS based Nexus Switches, but they don’t have an in house experience to manage it. Data Centre Shop utilises years of Proxar’s experience in network design, network consulting and network management to provide our clients with end to end solution as oppose to bare equipment.
Among our services you can find:
- Installation services;
- Network management;
- 24/7 Network Operation Centre support;
- Network design;
- Cisco network consulting including Nexus consulting;
- Network security consulting;
- IT Outsourcing services;
- Red Hat Linux Consulting and management
- IT Strategy Consulting
- Network Monitoring
- IT Project Management
- Managed Services”


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