Eco-friendly Shopping made Fun

Eco-friendly Shopping made Fun

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I am an Independent Distributor for Wikaniko (We Can Eco), the best Eco Friendly Home Shopping company.  They have a fabulous selection of green products to help you clean your home, your car, your laundry and even your pets without using hazardous chemicals that also cause pollution.  For the essential plastic bags (such as bins and dog poop), Wikaniko has a great range of totally biodegradable bags.
For keen gardners there is an excellent range of organic seeds and essential tools to keep your garden looking great and slug free!
Wikaniko also has an amazing range of health and beauty products from soaps that smell good enough to eat to luxury creams to make you feel wonderful naturally.
Come on over to the website to find out more.
NEW:  Join as a cooperative member and buy all the products at wholesale price (about 25% cheaper).
BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY:  New Year, New YOU!  Are you looking for some extra income?  Perhaps you’ve been made redundant, are retired or are a parent struggling with the decision to work or to look after your young children.  Wikaniko could be the answer to your problems.  We are looking for new distributors throughout the country.  Go to the website to find out more.




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