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Elnette Parsons - Opportunity Knocks

Full Description

Opportunity Knocks will show you how to put the goodness, that has been taken out during processing, back into your food through Xtreme Food Makeovers.
To give:
1. Everyone the opportunity to experience the health benefit of our product.
2. Partake in Give for Real programme which helps kids who are dying all around the world because of Malnutrition.
3. The opportunity to develop a global international business and create a substantial second income.
Company Overview
Opportunity Knocks, is part of a global network of Social Entrepreneurs. Partnered with a global international company that has the science, technology and patents to provide a unique, one of a kind, all natural, plant based multi- nutritional product that offers a solution to global malnutrition.
I am part of a team of social entrepreneurs – which means we use a business model to solve a major social problem in our case MALNUTRITION. Our vision is to take a nutrient dense technology, which we have, and provide it to children all over the world this year. So how do we do it??
Our goal is to help you to become part of a team of Social Entrepreneurs. Firstly, I show you, through Xtreme Food Makeover parties, how to put the goodness that has been taking out during processing back into your food. If you knew that 95% of all nutritional supplements are made of petroleum and rocks, would you switch? Would you like to know about an all Natural Multi-Nutritional product and how you can get it for free? As an added bonus you will be part of our Give for Real Programme which helps the kids who are dying of malnutrition around the world.
Secondly, I will be helping and teaching you on how to build a global international business. The wellness industry is predicted as the Next Trillion Dollar Industry. People are looking for integrative health solutions and new technologies. Why don’t you join one of my XFM’s and see how you can increase your Health and Wealth.



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