Feet-1st Baby Sculpture

3d sculptures and hand and foot-print Impressions

Feet-1st Baby Sculpture

Full Description

We capture every detail with our 3-dimensional sculptures forming life size replicas of your child’s hands and feet.  Our finishes include, Bronze or Aluminium Resin, solid Bronze, solid Silver or polished Plaster which can be framed.


Our hand and foot-print Impressions are beautifully crafted and framed with a number of options to choose from or simply as hanging impressions, with a ribbon colour of your choice, which form perfect gifts.


Our other items are pet Impressions and framed baby shoes, see our website for more info.


We cover South and West London and most areas of Surrey for home visits, or visit us in Carshalton, Surrey, or Tooting in South London, please enquire.


Gift vouchers available



Chloe Constantine

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