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I am a team leader and distributor and have worked with FM since the end of January 2012.  I do it alongside other commitments and find it’s a great balance.  The best part is there are no weekly ring-ins from someone higher up – you sell as and when you want.

You can start off 2 ways with FM


‘Preferred Customer’ you show the fragrance guide & brochures to friends/colleagues/family/clients or via email and Facebook, and make sales this way.


This option is FREE and you get the same big discounts, you just can’t build up a team or earn extra team commission.


To join as a ‘Preferred Customer’ all I need is your name, address, dob & contact number. I can register you straight away.


‘Distributor’ purchase a starter kit from as little as £9.50 – this gets you started, once you purchase any of our kit’s you can do parties, events, leave samples with offices and salons and you can then ‘sponsor’ people into FM and build your own team, if this is the route you would like to take.  It is entirely up to you how you wish to work it, it would be your own business and you get your profit when the customer pays for the perfume/products.


To be a distributor costs a minimum of £9.50 – that gets you a mini kit and 20 top selling samples, and there are larger kits ranging in prices with the top priced one for 150 samples plus extras for £49.99, please add £6 next day p&p- all orders arrive next day if ordered before 2pm (Mon – Thurs).
It is really down to you how quickly you start earning money.  The money you make on sales can be as much as 30% profit.  For example you earn £3.70 on a classic fragrance and up to £7 profit on every extravagant fragrance sold.  Our products have excellent profit margins and at such affordable price’s and quality of product you will find customers purchase immediately!!  Each product you sell has a points value and each month those points equate to a bonus on top of any profit you make selling.  Each team member you have, you get their points value added to your own.


As your sponsor I will advise and help you in any way I can to help build your business and make it a success, and help you achieve what you want to achieve.


Our products are NOT tested on animals nor are any animal products used in their production, certificates are available to view.


If you would like any further information or would like to join please contact me.









Michelle Middleton


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