fmcosmetics (Federico Mahora)

fmcosmetics (Federico Mahora)

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FM Cosmetics is new to the UK market having been established here in 2006, adding on the Party Plan business in 2007 and the latest innovation is the Network Marketing Opportunity which has only been since Sept 2008. FM Cosmetics products are all made by a company called DROM –. They are a forward thinking and ethical company. There is no animal testing for any of their products and they are pioneers in the field of ‘pureganics’ which means they produce their plant fragrance crops without the use of any pesticides, herbicides or fertilizer, thereby ensuring the purest and most natural of ingredients. Today you have the opportunity to select your own unique signature fragrance from our range of over 161 different perfumes. In fact, when you see our prices you will probably want to indulge yourself with several fragrances – one for special occasions, one for every day wear and one to go with your ‘little black dress’! Don’t forget your partner and children too. We have fragrances for Men, Women and Children and in many cases we have the matching layering products such as Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Deodorant, Hand Cream and even fragranced Hair Spray! As you may already know, perfumes all fall into ‘families’ of fragrance such as Floral, Oriental, Citrus, Woody, Chypre and Fougere. You will probably already have a favourite fragrance type that you know suits you well. There will also be some fragrances that will never suit you – the ones that smell great on your friends but somehow change into something awful when you put them on? This is because we are all individuals and our body oils react differently to the ingredients in each fragrance. This is why it is always best to try a fragrance on your skin before you purchase it. You are welcome to try on as many perfumes as you like today but, because it can be difficult to remember which fragrance you have put where, I will give you a pen and paper shortly so you can record the fragrance number of each sample and its position. A very important point to note is that all of our fragrances have a higher amount of perfume content than the equivalent products in the high street – this means that they will last much longer on the skin so you can use it more sparingly than an ordinary fragrance.




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