Girlie Gardening

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Girlie Gardening

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What do Girlie Gardening Agents do?
Girlie Gardening Agents:
hold selling parties in peoples homes
hold events in schools, golf clubs, gardening clubs, toddler groups, womens institutes, flower clubs, charity events… the list is endless
distribute catalogues among your network
encourage companies to invite them in for a sales session
generally have a great time telling everyone how you can glam up your gardening
Why should I become a Girlie Gardening Agent?
Girlie Gardening is fun, it’s simple and it makes you money.
Being a Girlie Gardening Agent means you can…

…work for yourself
…run your own business
…work to fit your lifestyle
…earn extra money with little disruption to your family life
…set up your own business with the backing of a fabulous brand
…meet lots of people who are keen to help your business grow


Jan Moss


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