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This WUQINXI e-course series aim to provide participants to learn this easy and effective holistic healthy physical exercises or aerobic activities WU QIN XI step by step.

With only a 10-minute routine at any time of a day, even in your pajamas before you go to bed at night and / or after you get up early in the morning, you can comfortably do the aerobic exercises at your very own pace anywhere appropriate (or safe according to your own judgment) such as your back garden or park if a warm sunny day or your office or your living room with your windows open – make your daily practice an enjoyable and rewarding experience in a fun and light-hearted environment.

Please feel free to have your FREE Taster session Crane Flying to see what it is actually like and how effective it could be via – we strongly recommend completing your whole course by following all the instructions correctly and carefully as intended and demonstrated before starting your 10-minute routine practice.

Please do not exercise on a full stomach.

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