Horses Change Lives

Horses Change Lives...they give people confidence & self esteem, they provide peace & tranquility to troubled souls...they give us peace.

Horses Change Lives

Full Description

Horses are ideal coaching and counselling guides as they respond naturally and without judgment to any emotional issues people bring to their sessions with us. This allows a unique insight into the individual difficulties a client is experiencing, but by working with a horse towards a change, the horse is able to provide both support and positive feedback as the interaction progresses.
At Horses Change Lives… we aim to help a wide range of individuals including children and adults whose emotional and mental well-being may have deteriorated due to childhood traumas and difficult life experiences. We help our clients to gain skills in horsemanship, which naturally aids development of people skills. This includes training in related fields and finding gainful employment, if that is their wish.


Chanti Cleland

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