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Karen Bashford

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I am a Financial Coach and Mentor working with women who struggle to believe they can make and have money.

You have gone into business to make money to be able to support yourself and your family, but for some you may find you struggle to get your business off the ground, unfortunately you have a money personality, which may be blocking you from being successful, along with the hidden beliefs you may have around money.

By becoming aware of your beliefs and money personality, it is possible to put in place strategies and processes which allow you to move forward, creating the successful business you dream of.

Essential to having a successful business is also managing your existing finances in an empowering way, so many works for you, rather than you have to work for money.

Coaching will provide you with the tools to see the light at the end of the tunnel, knowing you have the skills and abilities to achieve the outcome you desire.

Why waste time and energy when you have someone who will hold your hand and support you as you step up and take the reins of your business knowing you are capable of succeeding, nothing is going to stand in your way from the success you so deserve.

You will let go of your worry and stress as you acquire peace of mind and calmness because you have the ability and knowledge you were lacking.

No looking back, just forward on the path to your future success.

Want to know more signup for the free ’21 ways to save money’ download and take advantage of our free 20 minute no obligation consultation with me to ascertain how we can help you move forward








Karen Bashford

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