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A true LatteMama values that we are individuals and are all one of a kinds, we believe that differences and defects are what make us unique and that should be presented with handcrafted and original style

LatteMamaLa-tt-e-Ma-ma (- noun)

1. a Yummy Mummy
2. a stay at home mum
3. a working mum
4. a self-employed mum
5. a single mum
6. a happily married mum
7. a mum with a baby daddy
8. a mother raising an only child
9. a mother to multiple ankle biters
10. a mother to a fashionable child

I am a typical LatteMama.
With my new born extension of myself we explore life together.

- The babies of a LatteMama learn how to walk in galleries & know that right is the way to turn at the end of the hallway.

- The babies of a LatteMama drinks latte while catching up with the other urban kids over a fika* and learning new words such as Puss Puss* & Söt*.

- The babies of a LatteMama know that green is the new black

- The babies of a LatteMama think that handmade is pure luxury

- And the most important, the babies of a LatteMama always laugh with the heart.

The selection of brands presented by LatteMama represent
Scandinavian crafted minimalism and limitless creativeness
that only kids can style with their imagination.

Our core values are to dress kids in comfortable yet fashionable
clothing made for happy and active children.

- EmmisKlemmis
- Rafsen
- Appaman
- Sture & Lisa
- Alfons Aberg
- Lilla Hund Design
- Bnat Zahra
- No Added Sugar
- Abela
- Bonnie Baby



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