Little Scamps

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Little Scamps

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Little Scamps is a lovable Old English Sheepdog puppet, whose classes follow the same basic structure each week so your child soon begin to remember and talk with you about ‘Little Scamps’…but the most exciting part is; “What will we do today?” We sing the same welcome and goodbye song each week, and very soon your child will know how to “Copy Scamps” and that Scamps favourite pastime is to “Bounce”.
Every week Scamps will encourage the children to ask’ “What will we do today?” We might be walking the plank with pirates, riding unicorns in magical kingdoms, zooming into outer space, or dancing the ‘Wellyboot Wobble’ down on the farm. Very soon, your child will want to second guess “What we will do today”, and we are more than happy to take requests!
Our focus is on fun! So, we use puppets, soft toys, ride on toys, percussion instruments, ribbons, scarves, poms poms, parachutes, and our famous 5 foot unicorn…the list goes on and on. We move quickly from one activity to another making it exciting and interactive for all.


Caroline McCluskey


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