Maidstone Virtual Assistant

Allowing you to do the jobs you love and delegate the rest.

Maidstone Virtual Assistant

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Maidstone Virtual Assistant has been established to provide professional and efficient secretarial, administrative and business support for large or small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout Kent, offering all the services that a traditional in-house administrator would provide, but with considerably increased benefits and flexibility.
Maidstone Virtual Assistant can help you develop your business and assist with a broad range of business support and administrative services. I can provide a real solution to your administrative problems. Efficient, cost effective, reliable and most of all, you only pay for the time and services you actually utilize. Not only do you not have to pay holiday pay and sick pay, you don’t even cover tea breaks and lunch breaks!
The range of services offered by Maidstone Virtual Assistant is unlimited – if you have something administrative that needs doing, ask the question – it’s highly likely that it can be done for you! From preparing mailshots for distribution to 1000 recipients (including stuffing envelopes and sticking on stamps) to creating a Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn (or all three!) account to assist you in getting your business name out in the local market.
For tradesmen whose skills and experience lie in the expert manual work they offer (carpenters, electricians, plumbers, bricklayers) Maidstone Virtual Assistant can bring your business into the 21st century. No more hand written quotes, no more invoices torn from a duplicate book, no more panicking when the end of the tax year approaches. I can implement very simple systems and procedures and take all of the administrative hassle away from your business, all in a very cost effective manner.

There’s a saying – “Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you can’t get more time.”

Maidstone Virtual Assistant has been set up to show sole traders and small business owners how to get more time. I can give busy entrepreneurs their evenings and weekends back by taking on the tasks that they have to do outside of their working day – the invoicing, typing the quotes, marketing their business on social media, writing copy for websites…

So, if you want to do what you’re good at and delegate the rest then please do get in touch.


Jo-Anna Francis

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