Mincoll – Xenca associate

Mincoll - Xenca associate

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The secret to Xenca lies in the products manufactured by a British company. Collagen and natural plant-based extracts and botanicals, are combined with anti-ageing technology in stylish, affordable products by Xenca. Xenca skincare, tanning, mineral cosmetics and natural food supplements will complement and enhance your health and wellbeing. Hosting a Xenca event is a fabulous way to gather friends and family together to be pampered, learn new beauty secrets and purchase products. Xenca launched in 2012 to the professional health and beauty industry and, as a result, many of our associates are professional beauty therapists, personal trainers and make up artists. Their expertise and product knowledge will offer your guests the valuable knowledge they require. If parties aren’t your thing then there are many associates who are using our products in their own health and beauty practices. You can purchase our products from these highly trained professionals as well as enjoy the many and varied treatments and therapies they offer. If you don’t have time to host a Xenca event then you can shop here online 24 hours a day from the comfort of your own home. All the products in our current brochure along with our special seasonal product combinations are here which offer you excellent value for money.



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