My First French Rhymes ‘le temps d’une comptine’ Babies & Toddlers

Give your child the gift of a second language

My First French Rhymes 'le temps d'une comptine' Babies & Toddlers

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We all like a good nursery rhyme, they are the foundation on which language acquisition is built. There is overwhelming evidence that early learning of nursery rhymes and rhythmic poems, songs, and chants significantly enhances early phonetic awareness. So join ‘my First French Rhymes’, give a linguistic and a cognitive advantage to your children!
Each week we will cover a few French songs using simple action, finger rhymes, stories to slowly build basic vocabulary – ideal initiation to a foreign language. All the songs and lyrics will be made available to you to practice (included in the price) – followed by an opportunity to have a one to one session (5 minute each – limited so must be booked!) all in French with your child. We welcome anyone with babies and toddlers to come along and join in the fun!
Duration: 25 minutes with time for coffee/tea afterwards and a chat in a relaxed atmosphere (which may allow for a 5 minutes one to one – ask for availability)
Age groups: 0 to 4 years of age
Thursdays session 1: 10.00am
Thursdays session 2: 11.00am (starting June 2012) in St Mary’s Church Cottage in Silverless Street, Marlborough
One to one extra £0.50 per children
Register now for your FREE trial! We are open during the holidays.


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