My Travelling Nanny

My Travelling Nanny

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Our unique, flexible service offers three different Travelling Nanny types, ranging from Student Nannies, to Teacher Nannies (including swimming instructors and sports coaches), as well as Qualified Nannies.


My Travelling Nanny offers Nannies for as little as £270 p/w (based on 42 daytime hours and 12 babysitting hours). But your Travelling Nanny is not only your resident babysitter. She will travel with you, helping to entertain the children and thereby getting to know them even before you have reached your holiday destination.


The rest is plain sailing. You have an extra pair of hands and eyes when you need them – someone else to help do the suncreaming, spend endless hours in the pool, rock the pram, sing Humpty Dumpty or wipe sticky fingers. This means you can potentially give each child some quality time, with your own Nanny on board to take care of the others. And you might actually, as parents, get some breathing space, which is what holidays are all about, as well as family fun.


Having your own personal Holiday Nanny can open new doors: villa holidays can become realistic possibilities, instead of “dreams” for the future, when the children have grown up. You can have our own routine, and your own private space. And if you holiday with other families, you could consider sharing a Nanny, to cut costs.




Michaela Drake


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