North London Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

Baby Massage and Baby yoga

North London Baby Massage and Baby Yoga

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Classes are intimate, fun and a great way to meet other new local mummies and babies. We provide all you need for the classes such as yoga mats, fresh towels, cushions, weekly hand outs and a free bottle of organic massage oil.
Benefits of massage and yoga for babies:
Strengthens and aids muscular development
Exercises designed to help with neural (brain) development aiding with crawling and co-ordination
Helps mums and babies communicate and get to know each other better
Improves digestion – specially at weaning stages
Enhanced Interaction and social skills with other babies
Fun and relaxation
Helps to settle your baby and improves sleep patterns
Helps to improve your baby’s emotional and intellectual development by promoting confidence, enabling curiosity and encouraging self control
Gives mums and dads ideas for interactive play and fun at home
Stimulates all of baby’s senses
Benefits of Yoga for Mums:
Helps mums regain and maintain a healthy posture
Releases muscle stiffness and tension
Strengthens the pelvic floor and abdominal muscles
Helps mums to bonding with their new baby
Gives mums energy and get up and go
A mum friendly forum to discuss and learn more about your baby
Meet other local mums



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