Smallprint Fingerprint Jewellery

Smallprint Fingerprint Jewellery

Full Description

I make handcrafted fine silver keepsakes which capture a child’s and adult’s fingerprint, hand and footprints, handwriting or drawing or even a dog’s pawprint.

The company was orginally set up to enable parents to have beautiful items of jewellery but now adults are printed for family pieces, they can write special messages of love on keyrings or cufflinks, and more recently we can now put a kiss on jewellery too.  Dogs can also have their prints taken very safely and easily for their loving owners to cherish.

Name :   Ruth Campbell

Email :   [email protected]

Telephone :   01487 823924

Address :   5 Little End Cottages, Warboys, Huntingdon, Cambs PE28 2WD

Twitter :   @ruthsmallprint


United Kingdom

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