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Here at Surrey and Sussex Childcare agency we are dedicated to finding you, the family, the perfect childcare solution to suit your individual requirements.

As a childcare professional myself I recognise the importance of finding the right family-childcare match. During the past nine years I have cared for children both within settings and in a home environment. My career began in a day nursery, caring for children aged 3 months-5 years, I worked here for three years before moving on to home based childcare. I am still working as a nanny and have been employed by my current family for over five years, caring for three children.

Throughout my career I have recognised the importance of continuous professional development, especially within the childcare sector as things are regularly introduced/amended. Personally, I also wanted to improve my knowledge of children in general and understand how they learn and develop from birth. To achieve this further learning, after completing my NVQ level 3 within the setting, I completed a degree in Early Years Childcare and Education.

My experience of working within childcare along with the learning I gained from completing this specific degree has allowed me to view childcare options from different perspectives. Three aspects of importance have been greatly highlighted throughout my career. These are relationships, consistency and experiences.

Building positive relationships is extremely important when seeking the best suited childcare option for your family. It is vital that a natural positive relationship is formed between all three parties- child-childcarer-parent/carer. As a parent/carer it is important that the correct match is made for your peace of mind and most of all everyones happiness. Building good, solid relationships provides consistency for your child. Here at Surrey and Sussex Childcare we dedicate our time to finding you the correct form of childcare to prevent seeking a replacement. We value the importance of consistency for all parties, especially the child, and to maintain consistency would aim not to introduce multiple childcarer’s/settings to your child. I also value early childhood experiences ​as an important aspect of early years childcare. I believe that children learn and develop immensely from an array of different everyday experiences, from splashing in puddles to completing planned activities to enjoying freeplay time. Experiences such as these develop a child’s personality as well as their understanding.


Charlotte Hollands


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