Surveys of Mums (and Dads)

IOM Research: specialising in baby, child and family research

Surveys of Mums (and Dads)

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Do you want to understand more about parents and how they shop, and gain a winning edge over your competitors?
Perhaps you have a great product and are looking for ways to build hype and generate buzz within the parenting community.
Or maybe you just want to collect some statistics and information on parents and children.
Either way, we can help.
Institute of Mums is a full-service market research firm, specialising in baby, child and family research. We offer both qualitative and quantitative services, ranging from market sizing and brand tracking to online focus groups, depth interviews and surveys of mums, dads, kids, grandparents, and other family members.
With over a decade of experience analysing and conducting market research into the family, youth and baby markets, you can be assured that whatever your project requirements, we will have the flexibility and expertise to meet your needs.


Jessie Wilson


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