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The Accounting and Tax Co

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The Accounting & Tax Company is a full service accounting firm that has been in the tax industry for over 20 years and offers year round personal service that is tailored to each client’s individual situation. Come to us, where you are always known by your name, not a number.
As a delinquent tax debt relief provider, we have always successfully answered the needs of our taxpayer clients in resolving their tax problems with the IRS.
The team at The Accounting & Tax Company is comprised of skilled tax professionals, licensed and enrolled tax agents and friendly staff, united to mediate and resolve the most common and complicated tax issues today.
An Enrolled Agent (EA) is important to you because not every accountant is an EA. An Enrolled Agent is enrolled to practice before the IRS and can represent taxpayers for audit, collection, appeals, tax resolution matters, and Offer in Compromise issues.
The Accounting & Tax Company professionals and employees work together efficiently on all levels to give the highest level of care to our clients. From the moment you call, a competent representative will assist and gather the necessary information for the tax situation at hand. We follow strict guidelines in collecting our client’s information to effectively help them.
The Accounting & Tax Company represents our clients with the IRS. We are licensed and enrolled tax professionals that will talk directly to and deal with IRS agents on how we can quickly resolve your tax problems.
The Accounting & Tax Company values honesty, integrity, hard work, and strong customer service. We are very dedicated in helping taxpayers overcome their tax situations and we do this with care and respect. It is the goal of The Accounting & Tax Company to continuously strive to be the best in the tax service industry, and at the same time offer a means to help the community. Keeping Delinquent Tax Relief services affordable is one way to achieve that.
• Tax Liens
• Wage Garnishments or Levies
• Payroll Tax Problems
• Tax Levy
• Tax Penalties
• Trust Fund Recovery Penalty
• Penalty Abatement
• Installment Agreement
• State Tax Problems
• Reducing Tax Debt
• Abating Penalties and Interests
• Stop Wage Garnishments
• Fresh Start Initiative
• Offer In Compromise!
There are many companies out there that offer similar services. What sets The Accounting & Tax Company apart is its level of customer service, expertise and experience. No two people are alike; often no two IRS problems are alike. Thus, The Accounting & Tax Company provides individual service to fit our client’s exact needs.
Our licensed and enrolled tax agents have dealt with the IRS for many years. They know how the IRS thinks and how they will react to various offers. This knowledge allows them to determine the best course of action to solve tax problems.
Our experts know all the tax rules, procedures and facts. They will combine all their expertise to work for you. Sometimes the IRS rejects an offer, but we know how to appeal that rejection and arrive with a very good compromise agreement.
Our professionals do the work themselves. We don’t use other companies or outsource. The person working on your case is the same person dealing with the IRS on your behalf.
We fight for our clients. The IRS can be intimidating. Since we have over 20 years of experience in dealing with the IRS we understand how they work. We know the “tricks of the trade”, so we can help calm your fears and let you focus on the facts you need and the solutions you deserve.
The Accounting & Tax Company has the experience, expertise and ability to solve your tax problems and provide tax debt relief. Give us a call today!


The Accounting and Tax Co

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  1. Clarrence321 says:
    Posted March 26, 2013 at 2:30 am | Permalink

    I can see that your company works really great, the only question is how do I know that you can actually work for me? How do you actually do your job, do you have any examples on how you work? Overall, I can see that your Company is great and experienced, it’s hard to find companies with years of experience and has kind and professional staff.

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