The Light Direction

Novel series by award winning author Ces Creatively. A fictional story featuring real small businesses.

The Light Direction

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What Reader’s Say about The Light Direction :
“A magical read that flows smoothly and hooked me straight away. Lots of intrigue and mystery plus great characters I am looking forward to finding out more about! What a fantastic idea to be able to buy the jewellery, cakes and gifts featured in the story. I love how you are promoting local businesses and holidays in Dorset. You’re doing so much for our local community.” Sharon Goodwin founder Jera’s Jamboree Book Reviews Bournemouth.
“Overall, I feel this is going to be a great read. In fact, I am looking forward to reading more of it! There are many elements that this novel promises us – mystery, romance, drama, supernatural powers…what more could you want in a book? The author has obviously put a lot of thought into this book. The characters seem to be well formed and the wording is really good. Each chapter seems to leave us wanting more. The plot is excellent. All in all, I would give this book a 10 out of 10.” Heather Cranmer ‘The (Mis)Adventures of a Twenty-Something Year Old Girl’.
“The incorporation of real small businesses is fantastic idea, fluidly written in as part of the story and what a great way of introducing them to new audiences through the book and increasing their profiles. I was bitterly disappointed to come to the end of the introduction chapters and can’t wait for more! Everyone should read this book… you too will be hooked! Highly Recommended!” Lesley Devlin Lomond Beatuty.
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Some of the brilliant small businesses included are Beside The Sea Holidays, Bournemouth Beaches Holiday Lettings, The Urban Reef and The Urban Beach, New Forest Ice Cream, Haven Ferry Cafe, Jazz Cafe Sandbanks, Candlewick Crafts Poole, Tiny Gems, Poppy Sparkles, Dotty Delightful, Dotty Candles, Totes To Amaze, Smart Pyrotechnics, Rachel Lucie Jewellery, Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics, Dylans Travels Camper Van Hire, Lynda Swindells Equine Massage Therapist, Train With Charmaine, Ellen’s Hair and Beauty, Truly For You Keepsakes, Rose Garden Accessories, Dreamwall, Sarah King Art, Lazy Daisy Glass, Graham Fry Photography, TP Photography, Reikan Photography, Keith Hern Photography, Rowena Aitken Illustration, Jozefa Fawcett and James D Fawcett Voice Over Artists, Steve Trister – Actor, Richard Ziler Composer and theme track creator as well as talented singers Christopher Dallman, Jay Loftus, Zoe Bestel, Jasmine Knight and Dazzy – Sir Mic.

A captivating fictional story of love passion betrayal and supernatural powers set in Dorset.

The really exciting thing is The Light Direction features and supports real small businesses and talented creatives written seamlessly into the script for some truly novel free promotion.

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