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The Mother Factor

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Why use The Mother Factor?

Having a child brings so many new emotions into a mother’s life and we all handle them differently. Our mind goes through changes as well as our body and although there is a lot of advice about what we should be eating and what we need to buy we also need to stay aware of how we are feeling internally. Why? Because just how what we eat affects our child so does how we feel.

Do you find yourself feeling more anxious since you have been pregnant or had your children? During pregnancy with all the excitement do you sometimes feel overwhelm? Do you feel totally confident with your new role of being a mum but have started to feel you lack confidence in other areas? When you were coming to the end of your maternity leave did you find yourself not wanting to go back to work and maybe felt this was the time to start a new career? Maybe you can’t wait to get back to work but are nervous about how you will handle work and home life.

What makes us different?

A mother is not just a mum; they are a wife, a daughter and a boss or a business woman. We enhance the positive qualities a client already has and assist with comfortably incorporating them into all aspects of their life.

How can you use ‘The Mother Factor’?

As well as one to one coaching we offer a variety of workshops and courses.

One to one coaching – Have a weekly fortnightly session or sign up for one of our specialised coaching programmes.

Workshops – Our workshops are held during school hours and range from two to four hours and are in small groups. We offer a full range of workshops.

Courses – Courses are full days and range from two to five days. Our courses are affordable and very interactive.

Our website is updated regularly with workshop and course availability.

So what if you were to use The Mother Factor?

  • Increased confidence
  • Let go Anxiety and other negative emotions
  • Eliminate emotional baggage
  • Break down barriers that hold you back
  • Create a compelling future

Every Mother has the right to feel great…. A result of using The Mother Factor!


Sally Pettitt

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