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Designer of the super absorbent, quick drying, slimline and very affordable washable Nappy

The Practical Baby Company

Full Description

The Practical Nappy is a no nonsense slim fitting,affordable nappy.  With its easy laundering, excellent absorbency, and very quick drying properties it makes a super choice of nappy.  Especially for the busy lifestyle.

The practical nappy is a 2 part nappy (similar in principle to the flip nappy) consisting of a waterproof cover/wrap with an absorbent insert/pad. You can just wipe clean the covers after use and re use them. This would mean you do not need so many covers, so the element you would need most of would be the insert (the cheapest part currently at £4.25)
So what makes this nappy different to other brand? The are 2 key reasons 1) price, by keeping it simple we have kept the price very low, 2) The VFF system, Most nappies only have waist adjustment, but our nappy not only adjusts from around the waist (sideways) but also from bottom to top(lengthways). This creates a much better fit.
… “My Children(son & daughter)have both been the guinea pigs for this nappy for the past 4 years. Its evolved around them and my busy lifestyle.
On Average I have 2-3 covers on rotation per day, then rinse or wash them and they are ready for the next day.
Even the childminder found them easy to use. Its worked for me so I have full confidence it will work for you” Kate Seeger Owner/designer.


Kate Seeger


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