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The UK's Premier Life Purpose Expert

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Do you want to help your children be both, happy and the best version of themselves they can be?
I was shocked to discover that 80% of children starting school have good self-esteem but only 20% of children leaving school have good self-esteem. We need to value our children for the people they are here to be, and support them in developing their natural skills to fulfil the life purpose they were born with. To do this, it helps to know what their life purpose is…
Knowing my children’s life purpose, their deepest motivations and particularly what they find really challenging to grasp has completely transformed where I put the emphasis on my guidance of them. This has meant that my relationship with them has been transformed!
You can discover your own and your child’s life purpose, deepest motivations, in-built gifts and fundamental challenges simply by looking at your fingerprints!


Life Purpose Fingerprint Analysis


Helen Elizabeth Evans


Helen Elizabeth Evans


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