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Engage, Create, Perform!

Theatre By Choice

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We would be delighted to invite children aged 5-12 to come and join us for a taster session of our performance classes for children. We aim to release inner creativity and teach performance skills in an exciting and fun way.
We are a new style of theatre school that looks for the real potential, the child’s uniqueness, confidence and untapped creativity, which is in each and every young person and brings it to fore using the techniques o
f Theatre Sport. Our approach creates results that are fun filled, encouraging, with a non-judgmental competition edge.
Energy, ideas, voice, talent?
Does your child have endless amounts of it? What’s the answer?
Do you ask yourself… are they musical, have rhythm, move with fluidity and grace? Do you want to know… because they are funny, engaging, love to make up stories all the time? If you’d like to see your child reach their potential, but you don’t want to push, you just want them to try new things, explore more? Then come and explore with us, Theatre by Choice.
Saturday from 3.30pm-5.30pm
@ The North London Music Academy
15 Prat Mews
Theatre by Choice
Engage, Create, Perform


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