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Tigerlily Childcare Nanny and Mothers Help Agency

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If you are a working parent, you probably understand all too well how important it is to have high quality and extremely reliable childcare. While some families turn to nurseries to meet this need, many others today recognise the benefits of employing a nanny.
Parents often think that employing a nanny is too expensive. However, if you have two children under five, nannies are often a more affordable option when you look at the costs for nurseries. And, just like nurseries, as long as the nanny is OFSTED registered, you can claim childcare vouchers against the cost.
The flexibility of a nanny can really make a difference to the lives of busy working families. The typical day for a ‘live-out’ nanny is 8am – 6pm, so a nanny can come in and take over in the morning whether the children are dressed or not! They would also cook the children’s dinner which means no more rushing home from nursery with tired and hungry children.
Tigerlily Childcare is committed to providing the best possible childcare for you and your family. For advice on recruiting a nanny, local salary guidelines and how Tigerlily can help you please call us on 01793 815356 or email [email protected]


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