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Why do users leave your website - find out with this easy, low-cost service!

Website Usability Tester

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With 3 years of website usability testing experience, and over 15 years auditing and process improvement experience, ‘MyUsertest’ is the simple and quick way to see why customers leave your website.
It’s always good to get an ‘impartial’ view of how a typical visitor may use your website. MyUsertest will provide you with a video review of your website suggesting improvements, saying what’s right with it and more importantly what’s wrong! It’s really straightforward – you will receive a video recording of the screen with commentary explaining what could be improved for the ‘everyday’ visitor to your site. Videos are shared remotely so all areas covered. Smart, friendly and professional – give me a try!
A typical usability test involves me visiting your site ‘afresh’ so I can experience it as a brand new user. I then navigate the site and narrate my thoughts on the following areas:
Impression/feel of the home page.
Clarity of company purpose.
Level of engagement.
Trustworthiness of site Ease of navigation Understanding of services/products Product display/search Likelihood of purchase (conversion).
Using high quality screen and audio recording, I will navigate your site pointing out areas that are confusing, unengaging, missing, what’s right and more importantly what’s wrong!
I then share the video with you and it’s yours to keep. Testing can be done on regular sites, facebook apps, smartphone and iphone apps and beta sites under development.


Janette Bryant


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    Sounds like valuable info!

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