Wiggly Worms Day Nursery

A day nursery in North London caring for children from 3 months to 5 years.

Wiggly Worms Day Nursery

Full Description

At Wiggly Worms Day Nursery we believe that ‘Children Deserve The Best Start In Life’. We aim:
• To provide a high quality care and education.
• An environment that provides security and nurtures children
• To work in partnership with you and child’s development.
• To offer a service that promotes equality and values of diversity.
Our values and ethos of Wiggly Worms Day Nursery involve staff, children and parents, to encourage everyone to work together to help each individual child. We believe children are unique and deserve attention, care and love. We help teach children manner’s and respect, encouraging positive behaviour. Our environment is a ‘learning through play’ environment, where children are encouraged and supported to take part in adult led and child initiative activities. Children freeflow within the nursery enabling them to develop their confidence and independence.
We respect that parents are their children’s first educators and we hugely value our strong partnership with parents. Parents and carers are welcome to participate at the nursery and we actively encourage an open and respectful relationship between practitioners and our children’s families.
At Wiggly Worms Day Nursery, we highly value the huge impact that active learning has on children’s development and the importance of outdoor play. Our daily practice focuses on this and the benefits it plays on their development and behaviour.


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