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World Global Network

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Does your fitness tracker have the ability to add new capabilities? Mine does!!

Let’s talk….. Technology is wave of the future. We are in partnership with Toshiba to create a very unique product called the HELO. We are open in 195 countries and we are a ground floor opportunity.

World Global Network is the only technology based network marketing company in the industry. Our team is one of the fastest growing in the company and we are looking for business partners to help us share the Helo with the WORLD. Please watch the short video that will show you the benefits of what this product can do and how it is enhancing the lives of the people who share it.

My passion is helping others. I came from a background in social work and was not looking to be a business woman. God had something different in mind! I became part of a company and was able to grow my business and my self confidence. I became one of the top leaders in the company, in sales and recruiting and found

that I loved the direct sales industry. This new opportunity is even more exciting because I get to share the journey with my husband! He was blown away by the technology and so together we are World Changers! - See more at:



Kim Rowe


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