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A new way for Students to pay their extortionate University fees- and decorate your home!


With students facing eye-watering £9,000 fees from 2012, what they could really do with is a fun way to earn extra cash, that won’t get in the way of their studies, and has the knock on effect of cheering up other people. Sound too good to be true? Welcome to wwwBuyStudentArt.co.uk


Founder Kerri Lister was literally sat watching paint dry when the inspiration for the site came about. She wanted something fresh and exciting to decorate her newly painted walls, but not being artistically inclined, nor in possession of bank breaking amounts with which to approach her local gallery, she was stumped.


“My sister’s suggestion that I contact the local art college was the lightbulb moment that set me on the path to designing BuyStudentArt.co.uk” says Kerri. “In one fell swoop I could create a new marketplace for aspiring artists to showcase their talents to the world, and to earn some money in the process, and give ordinary people the opportunity to own unique, inspiring and above all affordable art.”


The new site works simply- artists aged 18 or over and can list up to 5 pieces of art at a time, from photography to oil paintings, sculpture to mixed media. Most works will be under £200, many less than £50, and all art is listed at a set price, so there’s no bidding war to endure if you fall in love with the perfect piece for your home.


But the extra advantage of buying art with BuyStudentArt.co.uk means that, as well as supporting aspiring artists (and empoverished students), you will be able to read their biographies and find out about what inspired them to create the work you are purchasing. Your wall could soon be a love story, or a tale of loss, or the answer to an unsolved mystery…


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