1) How can a listing on Mums Business Directory.com be important for me or my business?

Mums Business Directory.com is not only a site that guides prospective clients to businesses– it is also a site that offers up-to date daily informative news , information, and articles about current events. Those frequent information savy readers have a site to keep informed on daily events around the world and a direct source for connecting with Mums and business owners.

2) How long does it take for my listing to be posted on Mums Business Directory.com?

Please allow up to 24-48 hours for Mums Business Directory.com to review your listing. Following review if there are no problems/questions your listing will be posted.

3) How long will the listing be active?

The subscription listing fee will provide your category listing and full EASY access to manage your account for the period of your package subject to our Websites Terms & Conditions and at any time you can edit your key words, website information, description or any other information that is necessary to keep your site up to date.

4) Will I receive a reminder at the end of my annual subscription ?

As per our website Terms and Conditions all of our subscriptions are set up via recurring paypal payments. If you decide you no longer require a paid listing please cancel this directly with Paypal and let us know via email and we can adjust your listing status accordingly.

5) I don’t see my category and/or sub-category anywhere?

If your category or sub catgeory for your business type isn’t listed anywhere, then feel free to use our contact page, and request them to be added.

6) What size should my image uploads be?

Optimal image size should be 320w X 240h in pixels.

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