a Level Up

TEST - know if your child is at the correct maths level for their age. TARGET - lessons tailored to your child's needs. TEACH - your child to their potential !

a Level Up

Full Description

Our Mission
To become a link between parents and teachers.
We are passionate that parents are on the same level of knowledge as teachers:
* That parents know if their child is above, below or at the expected level in maths for their age.
* That parents are given an individual learning program that is exact to the needs of their child.
* That parents feel empowered to work alongside the teacher to support their child.
We aim to achieve these through Our Commitments to every parent:
- We are committed to putting the needs of the child first.
- We are committed to informing, inspiring and involving parents in their child’s education.
- We are committed to providing a platform to give accurate and immediate National Curriculum levels in maths.
- We are committed to providing an individual program that meet the needs of every child.
We are committed to helping and empowering YOU!


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